New to First United Methodist Church?

Thanks for your interest in being our guest. You may have some questions about what worship is like at Rushville FUMC. We hope you’ll find the answer to some of your questions here!

What do people wear?
You’ll see a pretty wide variety here. On Saturday nights, the service has such a casual feel that dressing up seems almost out of place. On Sunday mornings, there are folks in suits, dresses, jeans and nearly everything in between. Feel free to come as you are.

Where should I park?
parkingConvenient parking is available in several locations. Street parking is available near entrances off of both Jefferson and Congress. Lot parking is available across Jefferson Street and to the south of the church building.

Accessible parking spaces are available just beyond the covered elevator drop-off entrance between the sanctuary and fellowship hall. More accessible parking is available on the northeast corner of the church, and the east side of the church.

Where do I enter…
…if I have a nursery aged child?
If you’re looking at the church building from Jefferson Street, the  door on the far right marked “Office” is your best entrance for walking straight towards the nursery room. (Find out more about our nursery care!) Once your little treasure is settled into the nursery, just head east through the “Good Will Class” room to head up to the sanctuary for worship.

…if I’m going right into the sanctuary / worship space?
There are three main entrances and an elevator entrance for the sanctuary. Take the stairs up to any of the doors and they’ll lead you up into the sanctuary. To enter by the elevator, feel free to use the covered drop -off driveway by entering off of Congress Street between the sanctuary and fellowship hall. The elevator travels from the ground level to both the basement and sanctuary.

…if I’m going to the Fellowship Hall?
You can enter the Fellowship Hall building from the north or south. The north entrance is under the covered drive, and the south entrance near the alley. Both are ground-level accessible entrances.

What can I expect during worship?
As you enter in, you’ll probably meet someone at one of the sanctuary doors who will hand you a bulletin that includes some details about what’s taking place in the service. You can find out about the specific worship services and things like when we celebrate communion on our Worship page.
In each service, we’ll share some announcements, greet one another, sing, pray together for the joys and concerns of the congregation and community, offer our gifts, experience scripture through a sermon, and be sent out with song and a blessing.

I have other questions.
Feel free to call the church office at 217-322-3328 or email us!