Worship With Us

Saturday Nights
5:00pm – Sanctuary
This “Blue Jeans” service offers a relaxed atmosphere that invites you to come as you are into some traditional music and relevant messages. If waking or work keep you from Sunday mornings, this service is the perfect opportunity to tune into God in a way that works with your schedule.

choirSunday Mornings
8:30am – Sanctuary
Our 8:30am worship service invites worshipers to honor God through some familiar traditions of our shared faith. Together, we sing hymns accompanied by piano and organ, hear beautiful anthems from the Generations choir, and participate in a rich experience of God’s Word grounded in our inherited United Methodist way.

10:30am – Sanctuaryband
The 10:30am service weaves wonderful traditions of a rooted Christianity with new songs, instruments and voices. Whether worshiping with our praise band or lifting our hearts to God with our children’s bells and choirs, this service provides a relaxed atmosphere for engaging our faith in ways that span the generations.

First Weekend of Each Month
First UMC echoes God’s invitation for all to come to His table. When Jesus instituted our practice of communion, He shared the table with people He called His friends, but they were far from perfect. Through communion, imperfect people just like us still remember what Jesus has done for us, recognize that He is working in our lives today, and look forward to the future God holds for forgiven people. You are welcome to participate in communion, but if you don’t feel comfortable receiving the elements, we understand.
Because we celebrate an open table, we use grape juice instead of wine. We do this so Christ’s youngest followers and people who struggle with alcohol addiction can participate without any obstacles.

The United Methodist Church believes God does some wonderful things through baptism. Our tradition believes God’s gift of baptism is open to all, regardless of age. We celebrate baptisms in worship services because it is not only God’s initiation into a life of Christian faith, but it is also an initiation into a community of Christian nurture and encouragement. If baptism is God’s next step for you, or if you would like more information on baptism, please contact Pastor Stacy to set an appointment.