About Open Arms

openarmsThe Open Arms Preschool was opened in the fall of 1998 to provide a Christian based preschool for Rushville and the surrounding areas. Open Arms is a Christian play based learning environment with a focus on:
Social and Emotional Growth,
Self Help Skills,
Gross and Fine Motor Development,
Language Development,
Cognitive Functioning, and
Practices of prayer learning Bible Stories.

The Open Arms Preschool is geared to provide a safe atmosphere that will foster a child’s development in their social, physical emotional and early spiritual growth. We understand each child has their own pace at which they are able to learn. We provide a safe and loving environment in which a child can explore and learn about the world that has been created for them. We believe learning to pray and to learning basic Bible stories will help each child be better equipped to handle the challenges they will face in the future. We understand it is a great privilege to be able to offer an education to young children. It is an honor to be partners with our parents in the education of their children. We strive in every way to provide our students with the best education possible.

Our Goals

  • To provide a basic knowledge of God and Prayer
  • To provide a safe and loving learning environment
  • To provide a developmentally appropriate program
  • To meet each child’s physical, social and emotional needs
  • To provide learning experiences for each individual child
  • To encourage parents/guardians involvement in their child’s education
  • To keep parents/guardians informed about their child’s progress

Operational Information
The Open Arms Preschool is operates as a ministry of Rushville First United Methodist Church under the leadership of the preschool board. The board reports directly to the Administrative Board/Church Council of the First United Methodist Church. The administrative board is responsible to advance the mission of the United Methodist Church, and accountable to the church and its members.

Family Involvement
At Open Arms Preschool we strive to involve the family in many activities. We have an open door policy in which parents are invited to visit the classrooms. However, for the children’s’ safety and to diminish classroom disruptions, parents should be instructed to preplan any visits to the classroom during class hours.