Behavior Policy:

Our program is paced so activities will hold the child’s interest throughout each morning’s schedule. Because of this, there are a few incidences of improper behavior. If it is necessary to discipline, our procedure is to:

  • First discuss proper behavior with the child
  • Then, separate the child from the situation
  • If problems persist, schedule a discussion with the parents

No corporal punishment is to be used. Praise is used as an everyday reinforcement for proper behavior. The preschool board will make every possible effort to resolve conflicts should they arise. In all cases, the Preschool Boards decision regarding discipline is final.

The preschool board would like to inform parents that “Time Out” is used as a behavior modifier for inappropriate behavior. If time out is not accepted by the child and the inappropriate behavior continues or escalates, the child will be physically removed from the classroom and the parents will be immediately notified and expected to come and take their child home. After three such incidents occur, the child may be dissenrolled from Open Arms.